Building Apps and Websites is not the only thing, there are various other things which most of the companies tend to ignore is the infrastructure at its back end.
App Servers and Databases required continous monitoring, upgrade and health checks at regular intervals. Now a days, Whole IT infrastrure is hosted on cloud hosting providers like AWS, Amazon or Google Cloud Platforms.

"End-to-End Cloud Management"

  • Continous Integration
  • Continous Delivery
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Database Management
  • RDBMS & No-SQL
  • Automatic Rebuilding
  • Terraform/Ansible
  • AWS/Azure/GCP

What do we offer?

Our Expertise in Cloud Management can help to maintain HA and DR solutions with Cost saving by efficient use of resources.

Cloud Management

  • Cloud Deployment IAC
  • Hybrid cloud Management
  • Cost Monitoring
  • High Availibility
  • DevSecOps
  • License Management
  • Cost Reduction
  • Auditing/Upgrades

Our Database-Management-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution helps in managining constant upgrade, High availibility and Backup/Restore solutions. We Provide advance Data Security and Performance Tunning for both SQL and NO-SQL Databases.

DevOps, Database and Cloud Management Stack

We offer Various solutions for Infrastructure. We Provide the 24x7 Support for your IT needs. We provide support for all kinds of Apps and Back-end not limited to the list provided below.

We are Growing

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